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On this page you will find services, tools, and resource lists offered by the QUEST Center. Many of these support researchers in making biomedical research more open and robust. You will also find materials and services for meta-research, QUEST's own meta-research activities, and information on supporting mental health in research.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Automated screening tools

    Automated screening of scientific manuscripts can help authors to identify and fix common problems, such as failing to state whether experiments were blinding or randomised, using potentially misleading bar graphs to present continuous data, or failing to acknowledge study limitations.

  • Quality Assurance


    The service offers methodological support and trainings on systematic review and meta-analysis of animal studies to researchers.

  • Open Science

    Dashboard: The Charité Dashboard on Responsible Research

    The BIH QUEST Center has developed a dashboard that provides an up-to-date overview of the status quo (as well as the progress) of various metrics of trustworthy and useful research at Charité and BIH. Examples of metrics shown are open sharing of data and analysis code in Charité publications and publication rates of clinical trials.

  • Quality Assurance Open Science

    Data Management Plans (DMP)

    The QUEST Center's Open Data and Research Data Management team has compiled key questions and answers around creating a data management plan.

  • Quality Assurance

    Digital tools for clinical trial meta-research

    The QUEST Center develops several tools for clinical trial meta-research, e.g. a tool to help illustrate the totality of registered clinical trial activity for a drug or indication as reported on clinicaltrials.gov.

  • Quality Assurance

    Electronic Lab Notebook (eLN) - Labfolder

    Electronic lab notebooks (eLN) facilitate collaborations within and between team groups ("team science"). Furthermore, they increase the quality and reliability of research documentation and are thus an essential element not only in the digitisation process, but also in increasing the robustness and efficiency of research at the BIH.

  • Quality Assurance


    LabCIRS is an anonymous error reporting system developed by the Department of Experimental Neurology at the Charité together with the QUEST Center at the BIH which is available to the Charité as well as to the entire scientific community.

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