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Prof. Michael Sittinger

Contact information
Address:BIH Centrum für Regenerative Therapien
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin


Research focus

The research strategy is focused on stimulation of natural endogenous healing which includes technologies in cell isolation, cell culture and cell quality control and controlled delivery of cells or tissue-forming bioactive factors into the patient. Appropriate handling of cells, factors and delivery materials is directed towards safety and quality requirements of the current regulatory framework to enable feasible and cost-efficient regenerative medical products.

The Tissue Engineering team contributes clinical and commercialization translation of regenerative therapies and products of different clinical research areas.

  • Topics include: Tissue Engineering, Cell-Based Therapies, resorbable biomaterials, 3D in-vitro disease models, bioprinting, bioreactors, cell production, local cell and factor release.
  • Team is currently involved in research and development of treatments for degenerative diseases of the heart muscle, articular cartilage, mandibular bone, neurodegenerative-disorder and spinal disc.

Selected publications


  • TransTissue Technologies GmbH
  • CellServe GmbH
  • BioRetis GmbH