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Match & Connect is an offer to Startups interested in collaborating with Charité/BIH. Our service is also directed to employees of Charité/BIH. The focus is on networking for joint collaboration.

At Charité BIH Innovation, we aim to bring innovation to Charité/BIH with a focus on strategic/scientific collaborations and partnerships of various kinds. Just contact us, we will support you in your project and see ourselves as facilitators, mediators, and partners.

Our services

Our services and tasks for building strategic collaborations for sustainable healthcare include:

  • Accepting and processing of inquiries from Startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) interested in collaborating with Charité/BIH (see graphic).
  • Matching with potential project partners from clinic and/or research institutes
  • Support in the initial phase of project design
  • Establishment and expansion of the Match & Connect platform for mediation between internal and external partners
  • Cooperation with various partners to promote translational medicine
  • Establishment and design of (international) collaborations and partner programs (such as with the Israel Innovation Authority
  • and much more...

Success through Match & Connect

Benefits for Charité employees including BIH:

  • Access to technologies and innovations from which patients could benefit
  • Possibility of publications
  • Possibility of patent applications
  • Finding co-operation partner companies, e.g., for funding programs
  • Exposure of employees to technological advances in digital health

Benefits for technology and digital health companies, especially startups worldwide:

  • User-centric analysis of medical needs and product ideas (e.g., clinical expertise)
  • User- and patient-centric further development of the product (e.g. clinical expertise, patient survey, pilots)
  • Access to clinical validation
  • Access to co-development
  • Starting point for market access in the EU (regulatory, reimbursement)

How does the Match & Connect platform work?

Match & Connect contains two databases with, on the one hand, thousands of profiles of scientific employees of the Charité and BIH, and on the other hand start-ups, who can create their own profile. Provided that the employees of Charité have activated their profile for Match and Connect (via FactScience), you as a start-up have the possibility to find and contact a potential partner who fits your needs via medical search terms.

The platform will be available soon!

Visit the offical Match & Connect website. 



  • Dr. Verena Benz

    Head of Match & Connect –International Startup Partnerships (interim)

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 543 025
  • Luise Roither

    Strategic Co-operations Manager/ Head of Match & Connect – International Startup Partnerships

    (parental leave)

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 543 025