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Match & Connect is an offer to Startups interested in collaborating with Charité/BIH. Our service is also directed to employees of Charité/BIH. The focus is on networking for joint collaboration.

Match & Connect fosters an innovation-friendly environment, with startups working side-by-side with clinicians, researchers, data scientists and others. With access to clinical facilities, startups benefit from streamlined processes and connections to our ecosystem. At Match & Connect, we aim to bring innovation to Charité/BIH with a focus on strategic collaborations, scientific collaborations, co-development and partnerships of various kinds. Just contact us, we will support you with your project.

Our services

Our services and tasks for building strategic collaborations for sustainable healthcare include:

  • Accepting and processing of inquiries from Startups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) interested in collaborating with Charité/BIH (see graphic).
  • Matching with potential project partners from clinic and/or research institutes
  • Support in the initial phase of project design
  • Establishment and expansion of the Match & Connect platform for mediation between internal and external partners
  • Cooperation with various partners to promote translational medicine
  • Establishment and design of (international) collaborations and partner programs (such as with the Israel Innovation Authority
  • and much more...

Success through Match & Connect

Benefits for Charité employees including BIH:

  • Access to technologies and innovations from which patients could benefit
  • Possibility of publications
  • Possibility of patent applications
  • Finding co-operation partner companies, e.g., for funding programs
  • Exposure of employees to technological advances in digital health

Benefits for technology and digital health companies, especially startups worldwide:

  • User-centric analysis of medical needs and product ideas (e.g., clinical expertise)
  • User- and patient-centric further development of the product (e.g. clinical expertise, patient survey, pilots)
  • Access to clinical validation
  • Access to co-development
  • Starting point for market access in the EU (regulatory, reimbursement)