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SPARK-BIH supports translational projects from Charité including BIH scientists as well as clinicians at all career levels. The program helps to accelerate and validate scientific inventions for drug development (small molecule, biologics, ATMP, gene therapy), medical devices and diagnostics from all medical fields and their translation into therapies, products and services that benefit patients. Support includes funding, mentoring and targeted education.

Two Tracks of Funding

Once a year, SPARK-BIH offers the opportunity to submit translational project proposals. The funding program consists of two different tracks (Track 1 and Track 2) and funding is strictly milestone-based. The projects are carried out over a period of 12-24 months.

SPARK Educational Lecture Series

SPARK-BIH together with other SPARK sites offers an educational lecture series on translational research and technology transfer. Top-quality speakers cover the principles of drug, medical device & diagnostic development and topics relevant to entrepreneurship and innovation. More information on the different types of lecture series is available here.

Projects, News & Events

SPARK-BIH Booklet (2022)

Services for our SPARKees

Selected projects within the SPARK-BIH, I4H and NeuroCure program become part of the SPARK-BIH mentoring and education program. We …

  • define a clear project goal including work packages and milestones together with you and experts in the field.
  • assign project managers to your team to support you along the project development path.
  • help you to establish Intellectual Property.
  • connect you to experts in the field for coaching and mentoring.
  • organize regular meetings with the other project teams enrolled in the SPARK-BIH program for interdisciplinary discussion and input.
  • offer education on the principles of drug, medical device & diagnostic development and topics relevant to entrepreneurship and innovation in different formats.
  • organize workshops targeted at the needs of supported SPARK-BIH projects (e.g. GLP, MDR, Business Model).

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International SPARK Network

The SPARK-BIH program was founded in 2015 and is based on the successful SPARK program developed at Stanford University. Since its founding in 2006, the program is expanding and has been established in over 50 institutions worldwide. SPARK-BIH is part of SPARK Global, a network of SPARK institutions from all over the world with joint activities. The shared mission is to accelerate discoveries from laboratories to patients around the world. 

Collaborations of SPARK-BIH