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This course is designed to provide an introduction to data sharing.

Course description

The course is divided into two parts (flipped classroom). The first part is a self-paced study with short videos, self-paced reading and quizzes. It can be found here: https://courses.bihealth.org: "Data Sharing in Clinical Research".

The second part is a hands-on training where you will have the opportunity to practice key skills and techniques and ask questions about your own project and discuss data sharing plans.

Learning objectives

The aim of this course is to provide you with a solid understanding of the principles and practices of data sharing in clinical research, and to help you take the necessary steps to effectively share and publish your own research data.

While the course is not designed to make you an expert in data management, it will help you become aware of common pitfalls and provide you with information on where to go for help with specific questions.

The training modules cover: 

  • FAIR and Open Data
  • Good data management practices
  • Legal aspects of data sharing
  • Interoperability and clean data
  • Minimisation and anonymisation of datasets
  • Opportunities for actual data sharing
  • Charité Berlin services for data management and data sharing with contact information

Target group

The course is intended for all those working in the field of clinical research who want to learn about the possibilities for sharing or publishing personal, health-related data or who are already planning to do so (researchers, PhD students, students or study personnel).

The theoretical part will be open to all interested individuals. It can be taken without registration. Only a Moodle account needs to be created. When registering for the workshop, employees or students of the Charité and Berlin universities will be given preference. However, depending on the availability of space, the workshop will also be open to participants from outside these institutions.

Requirements for participation

Participation in the workshop is only possible after completing the online course „Data Sharing in Clinical Research“ at https://courses.bihealth.org/.


0.5 CP for completing the e-learning and active engagement during the workshop.


Certificates of course attendance can be provided upon request.


Dates: tbc

Course language: English

Location: Online

Estimated time effort: 3-4 hours for the theoretical part, 4 hours for the workshop

 Please note that you must have completed the e-learning module (course: "Data Sharing in Clinical Research”) prior to the workshop. We will not repeat the basics in the workshop.

The registration is currently closed. 

Dr. Evgeny Bobrov

Project team leader Open Data and Research Data Management

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 069