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Training for teaching the "Fundamentals of Responsible Research" course directed at doctoral students.

Course description

Here you register for the theoretical part of a train-the-trainer concept, conducted as a three days intensive workshop. This workshop prepares you for teaching the course Fundamentals of Responsible Research (FoRR), a blended-learning course format* at the BIH QUEST Center for Responsible Research. The actual teaching is the practical part of the training and optional.

Please indicate by registration if you want to teach during the semester. Here, you can find the description of the FoRR-course and the weeks in which the teaching events will take place.

In order to reach a larger number of doctoral students, the train-the-trainer concept will enable postdoctoral researchers to teach their own group of participants in "Fundamentals of Responsible Research". The workshop thereby ensuring a consistent quality of teaching over the all teaching groups.

*Mostly online (moodle), with additional in-class events for deeper single teaching units.

Learning objectives

The workshop will:

  • give an introduction and full access to a blended learning course concept and all teaching material
  • provide basics of didactical skills to ensure that in-class events are planned and conducted in a learning-promoting manner
  • give guidance for preparing the in-class events
  • foster the understanding of Research Integrity and Responsible Research (in-depth study of the online material and the given information is not covered by the workshop itself)

Target audience

Researchers and personnel with a doctorate. 

Prerequisites for participation

The intention to become active in scientific/academic teaching is desired.

Course format

Workshop Day 1 

Sharing experiences and motivation for participation. Introduction to the blended learning course format and the vision behind it. Clarifying the tasks as a teacher and the aim of the 4 teaching events: online Introduction at the beginning of the semester (1h), two interactive tutorials in class at BIH (each ~3h), one final colloquium in class at BIH (~3h).

Workshop Day 2

Course facilitators will conduct Tutorial 1 with the course participants.

Workshop Day 3 

Flipped classroom: Participants will present and discuss their own teaching concept for one of the teaching units online they want to deepen in Tutorial 2. Including: storytelling, ideas for exercises, examples they want to use or/and open questions for discussions.

Certificates and credits

The attendance at the workshop consists of 12 working hours and additional preparation time (~6 working hours). Postdoctoral Researchers at BIH and Charité can have these workshop credited as didactical training in terms of habilitation achievements.

Teaching events of the FoRR-course consist of 10 working hours, which we will certify to you. Postdoctoral Researchers at BIH and Charité can have these teaching credited as habilitation achievements.


  • PD Dr. Ulf Tölch, BIH QUEST Center | Head of research group | Project leader "Education, Training & Quality in Research"
  • Ailyn Bornmüller, Research fellow – BIH QUEST Center | Project team "Fundamentals of Responsible Research"
  • Silke Kniffert, Research fellow – BIH QUEST Center | Project team "Fundamentals of Responsible Research"


Dates: September 3rd, 4th and 11th, 2024, 9am -1:30pm

Course language: English

Location: The workshop will take place at the BIH QUEST Center for Responsible Research, Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2, 10178 Berlin, 5th floor. Further information will be announced in time.

Registration: Please register here for the workshop. 

If you are interested in teaching, please select on which days/times you could generally teach the classes in presence. Please note that all teaching events of one course group should take place on the same day/time. 

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Ailyn Bornmüller, MSc

Research fellow - FoRR

Contact information