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Workshop Description

Participants will begin writing a protocol for a method that they use, or improve an existing protocol, using the protocols repository protocols.io.

The workshop starts with an 11-minute exercise, where participants quickly start the protocol writing process or identify gaps in an existing protocol. Participants will then transfer their ideas and protocol details into protocols.io, improve their protocol, and get feedback from instructors and other participants.

After the workshop

Participants can join the “Write and Publish My Protocol Working Group Course” to continue working on their protocol or prepare a Lab Protocols article to submit to PLOS One.

Further information and registration please find here.

Target group and scope

This workshop is designed for researchers working with a reusable step-by-step protocol, and is not limited to wet lab protocols.

This workshop is not intended for participants who are writing study design protocols (e.g. systematic review or meta-analysis protocols, clinical study protocols, other protocols that describe a design for a specific study).

Study design protocols may include reusable step-by-step protocols (e.g. protocols for performing a specific measurement or intervention) that would be a good fit for this workshop.

Participation requirements

  • List of materials used to complete the protocol
  • A protocols.io account (sign up for free at https://www.protocols.io)
  • Existing protocol (if available), or a draft list of steps (if you have one)

Zertificates, ECTS & course credit

Participants will receive a certificate (0.1 ECTS for BIH or Charité students). Graduate students should talk to staff for their degree programs, prior to enrollment, to determine whether ECTS acquired during this course will count towards graduation requirements.

Commitment to openness

All course participants must commit to sharing their full, step-by-step protocol. Steps cannot be omitted.


Course support

This is a joint course from BIH QUEST Center and NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence. NeuroCure is funded within the Excellence Strategy by the GERMAN FEDERAL and BERLIN STATE GOVERNMENTS through DFG Grant EXC 2049 / project number: 39068808.


Date: September 26th, 2023

Time: 2:00 - 4:30 pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85800215651?pwd=UTFTWnk1TFVqV3dQQkJLdHlTVUV6dz09
Meeting ID: 858 0021 5651
Passcode: 343542

Registration: Please register here.