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A module for the Health Data Platform (HDP)

The Virtual Research Environment (VRE) integrates with the Charité Health Data Platform systems (HDP) and extends its functionalities. The HDP is developed within the BIH Translation Hub Digital Medicine. It is responsible for ingesting patient data from the Charité hospital and making it available for use in research. It is made up of many different components including a data lake, a clinical data zone and a research data zone.

The goal of the VRE is to make it easier for researchers to find and securely access data and use it in innovative ways. It will extend the Health Data Platform by providing:

  1. workflows for radiologic imaging data
  2. a model for cataloguing data and making it easier to find
  3. workbenches for modelling, simulating and analyzing data and
  4. a portal that is open also for external users who do not belong to Charite
  5. interoperability with international data commons like those developed under the European Open Science cloud, for example the Virtual Brain Cloud or the Human Brain Project.

We follow the FAIR guiding principles for scientific data management - Findability Accessibility Interoperability Reusability. We want to ensure that this development is open and accessible to all clinicians and scientists at Charité and BIH so we can solve today's pressing medical challenges together!

Access VRE Portal

Click here for access to the VRE Portal

For more information or to find out about how to access the VRE please contact vre-support@charite.de

Explained in the video: How does the VRE work?

VRE Portal Demonstration – Release January 2021

Use Virtual Desktop Applications with the VRE

Use Jupyter workbench to process data in the VRE

How to use VRE Workbench Tools

VRE Architecture

  • VRE Architecture

    How is the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) structured? What other infrastructures does the platform interface with and enable researchers to access and use data securely?

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Key facts

The VRE is a project of the  Translation Hub Digital Medicine in collaboration with Business Division IT and industry partner  Indoc.

Project Lead is Professor Dr. Petra Ritter, Brain Simulation Section, Dept. Neurology.

The VRE is funded by the Berlin Institute of Health.

First development phase: April 2020 – June 2021

Use Cases are developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Carsten Finke for the development of the UseCase Generate and the Virtual Brain Cloud (lead Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter).

Project plan

See the VRE draft project schedule showing the major deployment stages (represented as orange and purple bars), with associated tasks and timelines.


Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter

BIH Johanna Quandt Professor for Brain Simulation

Contact information
Address:Campus Charité Mitte
Charitéplatz 1

10117 Berlin
Phone:+49 30 450 560 005