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The steering committee of the Translation Hub Multi-Omics is pleased to announce a call to the community to provide ideas and use cases for the implementation of new technologies into the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facilities. Following a pitch session by the core facility heads with ideas for new technologies on 16 February 2022scientists and clinicians/clinician scientists from BIH, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) are invited to discuss open needs with the core facility heads, develop ideas for the implementation of new technologies into the core facility portfolio and subsequently submit a tandem application together with the respective core facility head. The deadline for submission is 31 March 2022.

The overall goal of the Translation Hub Multi-Omics is to implement translational omics research as a cornerstone and prerequisite for personalized medicine. Building a multi-omics infrastructure that links researchers, users and technology providers and enables the transfer of omics technology into the clinics can only be achieved by the establishment of standardized pipelines for clinical sample acquisition, storage and sample processing. Central to our objective is the continuous development of omics technologies guided by clinical objectives, the further advancement of computational data analysis and modeling, and in the long run the implementation of omics based exploratory and routine diagnostic tests.

The Translation Hub Multi-Omics combines modern high-throughput technologies with bioinformatics methodology for the comprehensive analysis of genes, proteins and metabolic products as well as their mechanistic interactions, spatial and phenotypical characteristics. The focus is on the analysis of clinical samples using state-of-the-art omics technologies, which not only contribute to a better understanding of pathological mechanisms, but can also be used for the diagnosis and treatment of individual patients.

In 2022 the Translation Hub Multi-Omics will fund technology development in the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facilities with the aim to establish and benchmark new technologies that reflect specific interests and open demands of the BIH, Charité and MDC Multi-Omics community. The objective of the call is to strengthen and promote Multi-Omics research and development in the long term and to support collaborations with users from the translational and clinical field. The heads of the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facilities will pitch ideas for technology development in their respective units on 16 February 2022. Based on the pitches, users in the community are invited to participate in the implementation by proposing and providing ideas and samples in a tandem application with the core facility heads. Samples should already be collected within a defined study-protocol or clinical trial to ensure availability in these short-term projects. Approval of the responsible ethics committee is an absolute prerequisite. The tandem application will be submitted by the core facility heads. Technology development and/or benchmarking will be carried out in the respective BIH core facilities and funding will be entirely managed within these units.


Please come forward with ideas and requests for new technologies and also please suggest use cases for the implementation directly to the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facility heads:

Flow and Mass Cytometry: Dr. Desiree Kunkel (desiree.kunkel@bih-charite.de)

Genomics: Dr. Janine Altmüller (janine.altmueller@bih-charite.de)

Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Dr. Oliver Klein (oliver.klein@bih-charite.de)

Metabolomics: Dr. Jennifer Kirwan (jennifer.kirwan@bih-charite.de)

Proteomics: Dr. Philipp Mertins (philipp.mertins@bih-charite.de)


All BIH/Charité/MDC employees with independent research funding as well as participants of the BIH/Charité Clinician Scientist Program are eligible to apply together with the respective core facility head in a tandem application. Applicants are expected to have a contract with BIH, Charité or MDC that is secured for the duration of the proposed work. Applications of mixed teams are encouraged (e.g., across institutions, disciplines, or joint teams of junior & senior groups, or basic scientists and clinicians).

Scope and duration of funding

The implementation of technology development in the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facilities with use cases will be carried out in 2022 in the respective core facilities.

Requirements and Selection procedure

Applicants are invited to develop a tandem application together with the respective core facility head. The application will be submitted via the online application portal by the core facility head. The application form will be available on this site soon. The call for technology development in the BIH Multi-Omics Core Facilities with use cases is based on a one-stage selection procedure, the decision board will be composed of Translation Hub steering committee members who are not primary submitters.

Evaluation and selection are based on a peer review process. Evaluation criteria include:

  • Relevance of new technology for the broad Multi-Omics community and translational relevance
  • Availability and quality of samples
  • Necessary regulatory documents (e.g. ethics approval etc.), if applicable

We look forward to your participation in the pitch session, to further ideas and suggestions from your areas, and finally to your applications with the core facility heads!


PD Dr. Mareen Matz

Project Manager National Strategy for Gene and Cell Based Therapies, Scienctific Coordinator

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