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The BIH Research Platform Digital Medicine invites researchers to apply for a use case to enhance the services of the independent Trusted Third Party of the Charité Berlin. The deadline for project application is on 15.05.2020.

Core Objective

The independent Trusted Third Party of the Charité Berlin (further abbreviated with TTPoC) is a central structure that supports the use and data-sharing process of data in the context of medical research in one line with the law and protection rules. The goal is to implement the separation of responsibilities with regard to identifying and medical data. Core features of the TTPoC are identity management and pseudonymisation services. In addition, further services that require a particularly high level of trustworthiness, like consent management can be integrated into the TTPoC. The trustworthiness of the TTPoC is guaranteed by organizational and technical measures.

The current functions offered from the TTPoC:

  • Registration of study participants (both manually and automatically)
  • Matching of identifying data from the HIS system of the Charité
  • Resolving of duplicates from domains
  • Output of the identifying data which might be necessary for recontacting study participants’ accordance with the data protection rules
  • Safeguarding the rights of study participants in accordance with the GDPR
  • Generation and administration of pseudonyms

Functions which are getting available in mid/end summer:

  • Recording and abstract retrieval of consents in a separate app

Offering a standardized REDCap-Plugin to manage participants of your study accordance with the GDPRFunction which we plan to finish in the end of this year:

  • Offering a standardized interface for connecting other systems

Accepted projects should aim to be applicable as a blueprint for future research initiatives with the need for the TTPoC services.

Eligibility for funding

  • All members of the Digital Medicine platform
  • Scientists from BIH, Charité or MDC who dispose of independent research funding
  • Participants of the BIH and Charité (Digital) Clinician Scientist Program

For further Information see here.

Project requirements

All project proposals have to demonstrate their relevance for the Digital Medicine platform mission, which can be found here.

Applications establishing new cooperations (e.g., between platform members, across institutions or disciplines or joint teams of junior & senior groups or basic scientists and clinicians) are highly encouraged. One of our main goals is to create a win-win situation where you enhance our Service with your Use-Cases we can support you. Together we increase the level of awareness of the TTPoC and its projects

Essential evaluation criteria include:

  • Project must have been approved independently in terms of content
  • Project must be fully funded
  • Ethics vote must be in process
  • Data protection impact assessment must be available prior to the start of TTPoC use
    • Playground to test with our software is possible
  • Project must be implemented on the basis of an informed consent
  • Clearly defined process structure of the project and description which systems are/will be used (e.g. REDCap, biobank etc.)
  • The Charité must be the leading study center of the project
  • The use of data from the HIS system of the Charité is mandatory, the integration of data from other (external) sources is desired
  • Full basic functionality of the TTPoC systems is not expected before 01.01.2021
  • Project must be started by 30.08.2021

Preferred goals of the project:

  • Linking clinical data with data/analyses of the Core Facilities (e.g. CU OMICS, CU Bioinformatics) of the BIH
  • Integration/connection of imaging data according to the Consent.
    • Alternatively, further data sources can be developed according to the Consent.
  • Integration of a general and abstract Consent Management

Selection procedure

Projects will be selected in a two-stage evaluation by an independent committee from the BIH Research Platform Digital Medicine.

Applications need to be submitted via the online application portal using this application form.

Dates and deadlines

Deadline to submit project proposal: 15.05.2020


Dr. Christian Gallus

BIH Application Portal

In case of technical problems with the portal, please send an e-mail to: portal@bihealth.de