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The BIH Translation Hub Clinical Translation is happy to announce its fourth online event on 11 April 2022.

The online event “Hub Clinical Translation - Project Update” Series features all projects funded by the Translation Hub in the years 2019 and 2020 and is intended to give the Hub community an overview about past and ongoing projects and research activities.

Overall, the Hub aims to accelerate clinical innovation and to optimize the quality of clinical trials. Thus, it functions as a central catalyst for clinical research and therapy development at the BIH, Charité and MDC, developing the necessary infrastructure for them to translate innovative ideas into high-quality clinical studies.

To promote this mission, we are delighted to present two talks featuring projects funded by the Translation Hub in 2020.

Chotima Böttcher, PD Dr. rer. nat.

Dr. Chotima Böttcher: "Standardization of Single-cell Mass Cytometry Workflow for Longitudinal (Multisite) Clinical Study"

Although single-cell mass cytometry (CyTOF) has been successfully employed to comprehensively survey patients’ (circulating) immune system in clinical studies with a small cohort of patients, it is known in the CyTOF community that using this technology for longitudinal and/or multisite clinical study is challenging due to high inconsistency between datasets from different measurements. This talk will provide an overview of important methodological details needed be considered when mass cytometry is implemented in a longitudinal study with a large cohort of patients. Furthermore, an established CyTOF workflow including sample banking, standardized instrument setup, multiplexed antibody panels and data normalization will be demonstrated.

About the Speaker

Dr. Chotima Böttcher leads a research team (Translational Systems Biology in Neuroinflammation) at the Clinical Neuroimmunology Lab (headed by Prof. Friedemann Paul), Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC), MDC and Charité. After completing her PhD at the Institute of Pharmacy, Faculty of Natural Sciences at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/Saale, Böttcher continued her study on biosynthesis of mammalian morphine at Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg and later at Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, MO, USA, before moving to Charité. In Charité, she has started her new research field, translational systems biology in neuroinflammation, with particular emphasis on myeloid cells including monocytes and brain microglia/macrophages. Her team has successfully established CyTOF workflows for an investigation of phenotypic profiles of myeloid cells in different body compartments such as blood, cerebrospinal fluid and the brain.

Dr. Boris Schmitt & Marvin Steitz

PD. Dr. med. Boris Schmitt / Marvin Steitz: "GrOwnValve – A Regenerative Heart Valve: A Bench-to-Bedside Project"

The objectives of the BIH Clinical Translational Hub were successfully implemented by planning and preparing a first-in-human feasibility study to evaluate the safety (and short-term effectiveness) of the autologous transcatheter pulmonary heart valve named GrOwnValve.        
Defective or diseased heart valves do not recover, and if left untreated, patients face serious risks of progressive heart failure and death. Especially the treatment of pediatric patients remains an unmet medical need. The GrOwnValve prosthesis was developed to overcome the current limitations of regeneration, remodeling, and growth. Therefore, the GrOwnValve offers the first permanent treatment for children suffering from heart valve diseases.      

About the Speakers

PD Dr. med. Boris Schmitt, MD, PhD, is a paediatrician specialised in cardiovascular interventions, trained in intensive care medicine, medical imaging and paediatric cardiology at Charité & DHZB.  In 2010, he founded the research lab KidCathLab.com and participated as group leader in the EU project LifeValve, which laid the foundation for his current interdisciplinary research group and the project "GrOwnValve". His team includes the PhD student Marvin Steitz, who is active in both clinical research and toxicology. He is involved in the project in planning and preparing the upcoming first clinical trial.


Monday, 11 April 2022
4:00 - 5:00 pm

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