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This group is meant to be a moderated peer support and networking group for women* scientists. Often women* scientists experience certain situations in which they do not feel comfortable. It might range from not being taken seriously to sexists remarks or unwanted behavior.

In this group up to 15 scientists can meet regularly with a moderator to talk about their experiences and give peer advice for their personal situations. They can support each other, network and learn how to deal with difficult situations.




Meetings will take place online every months for 2 hours (with a summer break in July/August, time to be discussed within the group).
The group will start on Feb 12 (2-5 pm) with an online get together, in which the members will get to know each other and the moderator.

About the moderator:

Julia Lemmle - Rhetorics & Empowerment – is a communication & empowerment trainer, coach & performer. M.A. Literature & History, systemic coach (DCV-certified formation), university lecturer for 10 years, works free-lancing for universities, mentoring programs, foundations, companies & private persons. In my life and profession I combine feminism, politics and performance - I love to empower other women* on their way as transformation will only happen together.


We chose the word women* in order to encompass women, as well as trans*, inter*, non-binary and queer folk, who choose to identify with womankind. There is a live debate in society right now regarding whether inclusion within the category of ‘woman’ is a matter of biological sex, or gender. To put it simplistically, if being a woman relates to sex, this limits the opportunities for those who were not born female to self-identify as a woman. If being a woman is a matter of gender identity, this widens the opportunity for individuals to self-define as a woman, regardless of their appearance, the sex in which they were born, or other characteristics.


12.2.2021            2-5pm
18.3. / 22.4. / 12.5. / 23.6. / 12.5. / 23.6. / 16.9. / 13.10. / 10.11. / 2.12. (2 h, time to be discussed within the group)


online meetings, the link will be sent by the moderator


All women* scientists, from PhD student to professors, working at BIH or within BIH projects may join. The aim is to create a group that will stay together for one year, but we will have a few spots available for people who would like to join throughout the year. Participation is free of charge.


Please register with an e-mail to equal.opportunity@bihealth.de and briefly explain your motivation and your affiliation with the BIH.