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Digital Health is here to solve relevant medical problems with digital solutions for
improving patient care. Products are at times difficult to define, and commercialization
strategies out of the innovation space of academia into the market pose a great
challenge. The core question is: What gives a solution the competitive advantage to
succeed? In order to answer this, there is another set of questions that academic innovators
and entrepreneurs need to address: Can the product be protected? Is there
a patenting strategy and does it play in to their competitive advantage? What role
does the regulatory compliance play for a digital solution, and how does it increase
the competitive edge? How can data protection compliance be achieved, and how is
this increasing the competitive advantage and acceptance for the product?

In this forum we will start with focusing on the data protection side and how handling
your most fragile resource, the data, according to European and German laws is
a key concept of your design to succeed. In the first lecture, Jovan Stevovic, CEO and
co-founder of Chino.io, will talk about what his company is doing in terms of data
protection for life science startups.

During the second part of the evening, Stefan Greiner, CEO and co-founder of
M-sense will share his story and insights with us. Stefan is a trained engineer from
the TU, who together with cardiovascular researchers, has developed a therapy
companion App against migraine.


June 12, 2018
5:00 - 7:00 pm


Virchowweg 6
CCO Auditorium