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Miguel A. Esteban

Lecture: "The Multidirectionality of Life"

One of the shocking facts about the world we learn from the first year of primary school is that living things are born, reproduce and die in regular patterns. This symphony has repeated in an unquantifiable manner from generation to generation since the origin and diversification of life. Recent discoveries of stem cell function and cell reprogramming are, however, telling us that this course does not have a unique direction. To understand the multidirectional instability of life we are using new spatiotemporal omics technologies. In the future, perhaps textbooks will have to be revised and instead say that living things are engineered, repaired, and may not need to die.

The Lecture is hosted by Ludovic Vallier (W3 Einstein Strategic Professorship for Stem Cells in Regenerative Therapies).

About the Speaker

Miguel A. Esteban is a Spanish Immunologist working as research scientist at BGI-Research in China. He did his bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery at University of Navarra (Spain), clinical residence at Hospital de la Princesa (Madrid), PhD in Molecular Biology at University Autonoma of Madrid and postdoctoral training at the lmperial College London lab of Patrick Maxwell.


Dec 4, 2023
1 - 2 pm Get Together at the BCRT including Lunch
2 - 3 pm Talk

BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT)
Cranach Haus
Föhrer Str. 15, 13353 Berlin

Please register by sending an email to Susanne Raudonat:


Susanne Raudonat

Project Assistant

National Network Office Gene and Cell Therapies

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