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This course is open for students and scientists outside the Charité. For registration please contact petra.ritter at charite.de

This course provides basic knowledge on personalized brain network modeling and will include both lectures and tutorials. The course will include 120 hours of work, including both contact hours and individual study. Required interdisciplinary methods will be introduced. A focus will be set on the open-source simulation platform

Course Dates

From December 2020 to February 2021 – Biweekly via GoToMeeting:

3 Dec: 15-16:30
17 Dec: 15-18:10
7 Jan: 15-18:10
21 Jan: 15-18:10
4 Feb: 15-18:10
18 Feb: 15-18:10

Breaks from 16:30-16:40
Credits/ECTS: 2

More information

Virtual Course: Personalized multi-scale brain simulation

Course of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin

Course of the Charité Doctorate Program

Contact and Registration

Prof. Dr. Petra Ritter, Brain Simulation Section, Dept. Neurology, Charité

Free Registration via email: petra.ritter@charite.de