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On the first day, the Centers, Hubs and Focus Areas were able to present their work to colleagues. During the breaks, there was ample opportunity to pick up the threads of conversation. This informal exchange in particular has come to an almost complete standstill due to the pandemic, but it contributes decisively to a positive working atmosphere and is a basis for future projects and collaboration.

On the second day, the joint work on the design of the research program "Science of Translation: For Prediction, Prevention and Patient Benefit" (working title) for the coming years was on the agenda. In workshops and discussions in the plenary session, topics were identified that will be fleshed out in the coming months. Research foci and flagship projects will be defined, based on the individual topics and strengths of BIH scientists. These make visible where BIH, with its unique structures and as part of the Charité, would like to enable future progress both for the quality of life of patients and in translational research.

The BIH Faculty Retreat 2021 was supported by the Stiftung Charité.