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Professor Claudia Langenberg, a German-British physician and scientist, has been elected a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Along with 119 other new EMBO Members and Associate Members from 37 countries – including 12 other new members from Germany – she is being recognized for her outstanding achievements in the life sciences and joining a community of more than 2,100 leading life scientists in Europe and beyond. Langenberg is Head of the Computational Medicine Group at the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH), as well as Director of the Precision Healthcare University Research Institute (PHURI) at Queen Mary University of London in the United Kingdom. “EMBO is science without borders,” says Langenberg. “It’s a great honor to become a member and be part of this exceptional group of international scientists.”

It is not possible to apply for EMBO Membership; instead, candidates are nominated and elected by existing EMBO Members. Langenberg’s work in Berlin bridges the gap between basic research and clinical practice. Her research is focused on studying human metabolism, including the genetic causes of insulin resistance and diabetes. By integrating multilayered molecular, clinical and disease data from population, clinical and intervention studies, her team has been able to characterize the genetic architecture of thousands of molecules circulating in human blood and demonstrate its influence on a wide range of diseases.

EMBO Members have various duties, including evaluating applications of young scientists to the various EMBO programs. These include fellowships and the prestigious EMBO Young Investigator Network.

Short biography of Claudia Langenberg

Claudia Langenberg was born in Munich and studied medicine in Munster. After completing clinical training in Germany, she moved to the United Kingdom and the United States to obtain her master’s and PhD in epidemiology. In 2016, she completed specialist training in public health and the following year was appointed program leader at the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge, where she had previously played a key role in identifying the genetic causes of metabolic diseases and their risk factors. She became Professor of Computational Medicine at the BIH in September 2020 and since September 2022 has also served as Director of the Precision Healthcare University Research Institute (PHURI) at Queen Mary University of London in the UK. Langenberg has published over 250 scientific papers and is among the most highly cited researchers in her field. She has received numerous awards for her scientific work and served as editor in chief of “Generation Genome,” an annual report of the UK’s chief medical officer which contributed significantly to the reorganization of genomic medicine in the country’s National Health Service (NHS).

About EMBO

EMBO is an international organization of life scientists, which has more than 2,100 members elected by peers. The major goals of the organization are to support talented researchers at all stages of their careers, stimulate the exchange of scientific information, and help build a research environment where scientists can achieve their best work. EMBO, which is funded by its member states, uses its resources for research grants, courses, workshops, conferences, and science policy initiatives, and publishes a number of prestigious journals. The organization’s administrative headquarters are in Heidelberg, Germany. EMBO Membership recognizes and honors distinguished scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the life sciences, including some 92 Nobel laureates who are or have been EMBO Members. EMBO Members can actively participate in EMBO’s initiatives by serving on the organization’s Council, committees and editorial boards, participating in the evaluation of applications for EMBO funding, acting as mentors to young scientists in the EMBO community, and advising on key activities. EMBO Members also have the privilege of nominating and electing candidates for EMBO Membership, for the Council, and for the EMBO Gold Medal.

For more information, visit: https://www.embo.org/ 

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