FEMALE CAREER@BIH (Workshop) How to Set Boundaries & Say No

Rhetoric-Empowerment-Training for Confronting Sexist Behavior at Work

+++ Originally planned for March 2020, we had to postpone this event. It is now expected to take place on November 4 or 5, 2020. Thank you for your understanding. +++

Sexism is an everyday reality, so deeply internalized we have to pay attention to realize it (even within ourselves). The seminar wants to provide a space where women get the chance to support each other and learn how to deal with any assault at work. Leading questions for the participation might be: How can I use my anger in a constructive way? Where and in what ways did I learn to feel small and put the needs of others first? How can I support other women when I witness sexist remarks / behavior? Can I say No without being aggressive? How to deal with persistent and disrespectful colleagues? Who is controlling this situation and how do I recognize that? Am I willing to take over control and lead? Awareness about body language and using it with more consciousness and effect is a central aim of the training.

Julia Lemmle, communication & empowerment trainer, coach & performer
Rhetorics & Empowerment – is a communication & empowerment trainer, coach & performer. M.A. Literature & History, systemic coach (DCV-certified formation), university lecturer for 10 years, works free-lancing for universities, mentoring programs, foundations, companies & private persons.