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Introduction to Research Data Management (RDM) - Data Management plans (DMP)

The seminar provided a brief introduction to research data management (RDM) while demonstrating how researchers can begin to incorporate RDM practices into their work by writing data management plans (DMPs). DMPs should be guided by the policies that apply to the project. These may be the data policies of institutions, research funders, and publishers.

At the beginning, relevant aspects of RDM were presented to explain how to create self-describing and reusable datasets. This was followed by an explanation of what a DMP is and how to write DMPs.

The final and longer part of the symposium evolved into a mini-workshop based on previously published work. This interactive portion gave participants the opportunity to reflect on relevant aspects for handling data by identifying the right statements to use in formulating a DMP. The slides provided here contain relevant links for further consultation, including the practical guide to international alignment of RDM published by Science Europe (2021). This document guides researchers and reviewers through six core requirements for DMPs.

Download the presentation slides here.

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