Postdoc in the RECAST project

In the BMBF-funded RECAST project, Prof. Birgit Sawitzki from the Institute for Medical Immunology at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin researches in collaboration with scientists from the Clinic for Pediatrics with Pneumology, Immunology and Intensive Care Medicine, the Medical Clinic with a focus on infectiology and pulmonology and the Institute of Virology describe the cellular and molecular mechanisms that trigger protective immune responses in children against SARS-CoV-2 and thus explain their resilience to severe COVID-19 courses. Initial studies indicate age-dependent differences in the reactions of the innate and adaptive immune systems. These differences will be examined in more detail in RECAST. For this purpose, samples from infected and non-infected people of various ages have already been collected for exploratory investigations at the transcript and protein level.


  • Use of established CyTOF antibody panels & measurement of the collected blood samples
  • Establishment of new antibody panels for measurements on the Spectral Analyzer (Cytek Aurora)
  • Evaluation of the data in collaboration with the clinicians and bioinformaticians mentioned above

Prerequisite: completed doctorate in the field of immunology or cell biology; Knowledge of the establishment, execution and evaluation of cytometric analyzes, FloJo, GraphPad Prism

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