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Systematic review and meta-analysis are research synthesis methods that clearly identify what we currently know, how reliable the evidence is, and where future research is needed. Using these tools, the “Preclinical systematic reviews and meta analyses” group aims to improve the validity, increase the value, and facilitate the translation of preclinical research. We perform research to support decisions on how experiments are designed and justified and when evidence is translated to the clinic. This can help to reduce waste and deliver more ethical animal research, in line with the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement).

We also provide a supporting framework for other research groups to perform systematic reviews by developing guidance and delivering education and methodological assistance. By developing and testing software and automation tools, we support more efficient and timely syntheses for all stakeholders. We strive to facilitate the growth of interdisciplinary evidence synthesis communities and promote data sharing and open, team science.

Please consult the QUEST project overview for details on current projects.