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This programme is for researchers in Berlin working on or planning to get involved in initiatives to improve translation, research quality, or research culture or practice.

The goal is to connect members of the research community who are passionate about improving science and translation and help them identify allies, build networks, strengthen their individual projects and benefit from the community expertise.

The SPOKES Project Incubator is open to enthusiastic and motivated members from the Berlin scientific community who are already involved in grassroots initiatives or plan to join or launch one. Activities can have a variety of goals and backgrounds, but the ultimate goal should be to improve translation, research quality or another aspect of research culture or practice in Berlin.

Initiatives and activities may include:

  • Initiatives to improve translation
  • Activities to make research more rigorous, transparent and reproducible
  • Early career researcher networks or advocacy groups
  • Initiatives to improve mental health or research work culture
  • Journal clubs, coding groups or discussion circles focused on reproducibility
  • Organisations pushing for research policy change

Advantages of participating in the Incubator include:

  • Exchange with other members of the Berlin research community working to improve science
  • Building a peer community
  • Sharing of lessons learned and engaging in collective problem solving
  • Expansion and improvement of project sustainability

If you have any questions regarding the SPOKES Project Incubator, please refer to the following FAQs. Of course, you can also contact the SPOKES team directly at any time: wellcome-spokes@charite.de.

SPOKES Project Incubator FAQs

List of Berlin-based initiatives and resources

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