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The keynote speech was held by Dr. Emanuele Capobianco, Director of Health and Care of the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) and Commissioner of The Lancet/Financial Times Commission "Governing Health Futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world".

Also speaking on "The Future of Digital Global Health" were Prof. Dr. Titus Kühne of the Charité and the DHZB (German Heart Institute Berlin), Dr. Victor Stephani of the TU Berlin and Dr. Julius Emmrich and Dr. Samuel Knauss of the Charité, team leaders of the BIH Digital Health Accelerator supported and award-winning project mTOMADY.

During the subsequent well-attended networking session, the discussion points raised could be deepened and a lively exchange of ideas within the digital health community was promoted.

The Digital Health Forum is hosted monthly by the BIH Innovations digital health team. The next event will take place February 26th and will focus on the BIH Digital Health Accelerator.