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The QUEST Center conducts projects in various areas.

The unique feature of our projects is their practical and translational focus: we seek to test new approaches in design, analysis and reporting in biomedical research, both preclinical and clinical, to improve translation of research results into clinical care.

The projects are, among others, identified and evaluated by so-called "meta-research", i.e. research on research. The focus of our projects lies on Open Science, Stakeholder Engagement, Incentives & Indicators as well as Quality Assurance (see filter below).



    With the Monitoring & Evaluation System COMPASS, BIH QUEST Center establishes a complex impact-oriented program evaluation of its activities.

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  • Open Science Ongoing


    ANONY-MED creates an ethically aligned, trustworthy AI toolbox for privacy-preserving data synthesis using generative AI methods like GANs and homomorphic encryption in healthcare. This advances AI models in radiology, cardiology, and stroke therapy, while ensuring transparency and robustness.

  • Quality Assurance Open Science Closed

    BUA Open Science Dashboards

    The project aims to include FAIR criteria in the Charité Metrics Dashboard and co-develop prototype open science dashboards for other research fields.

  • Quality Assurance Open Science

    BUA Open Science Magnifiers

    The project "Berlin University Alliance Open Science Magnifiers" continues and further develops the systematic monitoring of Open Science practices. This includes visualizations of indicators for open practices, as well as highlighting of specific best-practice examples.

  • Quality Assurance Open Science Ongoing


    The CARDS project aims to develop and expand tools, services, and training offered to researchers of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA) on the topic of research data management (RDM).

  • Incentives & Indicators Ongoing

    Good evaluation practice in science

    The Good Evaluation Practice in Research project addresses (inter-) national recommendations and principles of Good Evaluation Practice in literature, policy papers or in the context of major initiatives.

  • Incentives & Indicators Ongoing


    The LOMIKON is an interactive digital encyclopedia on research LOM for the institutions of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA).

  • Incentives & Indicators Ongoing


    Focusing on professorial appointments and tenure track evaluations, the project aims at developing implementation strategies with and for the institutions of the Berlin University Alliance that align current research assessment practices with responsible research and innovation approaches.

  • Incentives & Indicators Closed


    The so-called QUEST criteria relate to quality, ethics, open science and translation of biomedical research at BIH. The goal is to map the robustness, reproducibility and confirmability of research projects and hence to best possible stimulate the existing potential for innovation (in German).

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