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Apply for an Electronic Lab Notebook account

Who can apply for an account?

Individuals as well as working groups of the BIH, Charité and MDC are invited to apply for an account on the labfolder server of the BIH.

What is the difference between an individual account and a group account?

Individual user accounts work isolated. They cannot work together or share projects with colleagues. However individual users can be invited to an existing labfolder group at any time. Their private projects are then transferred to the group. 
For this reason, the individual user account is a good way to get a first impression on how labfolder works. As soon as there are at least two persons from the same workgroup using labfolder it is strongly recommanded to apply for a group at the labfolder server. 

How to register for an account

Individual users:  Individuals can create an account by using this form (restricted to the Charité Intranet!)

Groups: If you work together as a group, please use this form. The group will be created for you and you will receive administrative privileges which allow you to invite other users to your group. 

Who is there to assist me during /before my first steps?

All training and information events, which are offered on a regular basis, can be found at the page Training and Information events. 

What if I already use labfolder in the cloud (labfolder.com)

In this case please contact us at elabbook(at)bihealth.de before you apply for an account. 


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