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The BIH Paper of the Month is awarded by the BIH Board of Directors to honor a special publication achievement from the joint research space of Charité and MDC. The Paper of the Month is sponsored by the Stiftung Charité as part of its Johanna Quandt Private Excellence Initiative. The prize is awarded at the beginning of each month for a paper published the month before last (i.e. in March a paper will be honored that was published in January). The date of publication that counts here is the date of public accessibility (online and/or print), not an “advanced publication” of an author manuscript that has been accepted for publication. The award is endowed with €500 and goes to the group leader with BIH affiliation.

Publications that can be considered for the award include all those found in a PubMed search in the relevant month for articles with a direct BIH affiliation (affiliation through corporate bodies of the BIH alone is not sufficient).

Publications can also be proposed to the BIH per e-mail at any time.

Criteria for the award


Dr. Christian Hirsch

Scientific Coordinator Core Facilities

Contact information
Phone:+49 30 450 543 020