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Prof. Ansgar Petersen

Contact information
Address:BIH Center für Regenerative Therapien
Augustenburger Platz 1
13353 Berlin


Research focus

  • Biomaterial architecture-guided cell function and extracellular matrix structure to induce endogenous healing cascades

  • Surface curvature-controlled cell function, fate and organization

  • Role of extrinsic (in vivo-like) mechanical loads in cell function & fate

  • Spatial self-organization of cells and tissue patterning

  • Tension in the extracellular matrix as a cell-instructive mechanical Parameter



    • Professorship for Architectured Biomedical Materials for Tissue Regeneration
    • BIH Section: Advanced and Personalized Therapies (APT)
    • Ansgar Petersen studies physics and finished his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen University
    • After a short term as a Development Engineer at a Medical device manufacturer in the field of regenerative medicine, he joined the Julius-Wolff-Institute at Charite as a Post-doc
    • Since 2012 he was head of the research group "Cellular Biomechanics“ at the Julius Wolff Institute Charité - University Medicine Berlin
    • Now he holds a W2 professorship for Architectured Biomedical Materials for Tissue Regeneration at BIH
    • Ansgar Petersen focuses on defects in musculoskeletal tissues, e.g. in consequence of a trauma
    • As biomaterials implanted into the defect region have the potential to support the healing process, he investigates the interaction between cells, their surrounding extracellular matrix and biomaterials for the development of innovative treatment strategies.
    • He designs micro-environments that provide specific mechanical and geometrical signals that support endogenous healing cascades for an improved healing outcome.