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Academic medicine is currently undergoing an unprecedented technological transformation in the context of digitalization. The goal of the BIH Charité Digital Clinician Scientist Program is to prepare future Clinical Scientists for the technological challenges associated with advanced computational scientific approaches. In addition to three years of individual funding, which is based on a protected research period of 50 percent, the focus is on modules for the acquisition of scientific competencies (big data management, bioinformatics, quantitative image analysis and machine learning) as well as mandatory mentoring.

For the successful digital transformation of medicine, a new generation of research-based clinicians is needed who combine their experience in patient care with basic and clinical research in the field of digital health and accelerate the translation of scientific findings and pioneering technologies into clinical application. The Digital Clinician Scientist Program will prepare a innovative career path for those shaping the digital transformation in medicine.

The program is instrumental in connecting digital-savvy clinicians with each other and fostering long-term scientific collaborations between clinician-translational researchers and computational scientists.

There are two programs that can succeed each other (two separate applications): the BIH Charité Junior Digital Clinician Scientist Program (JDCSP) and the BIH Charité Digital Clinician Scientist Program (DCSP). The JDCSP is aimed at physicians in their first to third year of residency training. The DCSP supports physicians in their fourth year of residency training. At the end of the DCSP, residency training is completed and ideally successful postdoctoral training. Since the first call in 2019, four additional calls have already been carried out. Currently, 31 fellows are in the DCSP and 13 fellows in the JDCSP.

Voraussetzungen des DC Programms


For the BIH Charité Digital Clinician Scientist Program, calls for applications are usually published twice a year. Among other things, a project proposal outlining the planned research project is required for the application.

Information on the current 2024_II calls and the past 2024_I and 2023_II calls are available here:

As we are frequently asked how "digital" the projects for the (Junior) Digital Clinician Scientist Program should be, we have developed a guideline in the form of the following table:

Fellows and Alumni

Monkeypox or not? An app helps with decision support

Nature study by Digital Clinician Scientist Dr. Martin Mensah and mentor Prof. Dr. Denise Horn (Deputy Director of the Institute of Medical Genetics and Human Genetics at Charité) discovers causal mechanism behind rare hereditary diseases

BIH Podcast "Turning Research into Health" with Dr. Katarina Braune, Digital Clinician Scientist

#LanguageMatters - First position paper on patient-friendly language in medicine for people with diabetes mellitus from Germany published

Podcast Interview: Dr. Samuel Knauß and Dr. Julius Emmrich, Digital Clinician Scientists

Podcast Interview: Dr. Seven Aghdassi, Digital Clinician Scientist

Funded by the German Research Foundation

Downloads DCSP


  • Univ. -Prof. Dr. med. Igor Sauer

    Director Digital Clinician Scientist Program

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 30 450 652255
  • Dr. Katharina Walentin

    Coordinator BIA – Junior (Digital) Clinician Scientist Program and Digital Clinician Scientist Program

    Contact information
    Phone:+49 (0) 30 450 543 306

                                                                           Cover image: Michael Pogorzhelskiy (CC-BY-NC)

                                                                           Podcast image E-Health in Madagaskar: mTOMADY gGmbH

                                                                           BIH postcast image: Katarina Braune