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Our Mission

To overcome the roadblocks in translational medicine: Increasing the trustworthiness, usefulness, and ethics of biomedical research by maximizing the quality, reproducibility, generalizability, and validity of BIH research.
To create an awareness of the need to rethink biomedical research and to initiate a culture change in academic biomedicine.

Our Approaches

Quality assurance / Education & Training

  • Quality assurance

    We promote compliance of preclinical as well as clinical research with standards and guidelines on design, conduct, analysis and reporting.

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  • Education and Training

    We develop and implement training and teaching resources on experimental and study design, methods to reduce bias, new modes of publishing, the digital footprint of academics, as well as open science.

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Open Science / Meta Research

  • Open Science

    We increase the accessibility and transparency of BIH research through Open Data and promote research data management.

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  • Meta Research

    We identify opportunities for improving research practice and obtain evidence for the impact of its activities through 'research on research'.

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Incentives & rewards / Translational Bioethics

  • Incentives and rewards

    We develop new incentive systems in research, e.g. by selecting appropriate novel indicators and metrics for the assessment of research performance of researchers and institutions.

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  • Translational Bioethics

    We develop evidence-based and practice-oriented recommendations on how ethical requirements for research with humans, animals and sensitive data can be best implemented.

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Stakeholder Engagement + Think Tank

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    We develop, support and evaluate Patient and Stakeholder Engagement activities throughout the entire process of biomedical research.

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  • Think Tank

    We act as advisors to stakeholders in biomedicine from funders to politics.

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl

Founding Director | BIH Chair | Research Group Leader

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