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Oncogenic PI3K Signalling in the Vascular Compartment

The PI3K pathway regulates primal cellular responses, including proliferation, migration, metabolism and vesicular traffic. Theses processes are fundamental for endothelial cell function during sprouting angiogenesis, the most common type of blood vessel formation. Research in animal models has revealed key functions of PI3K family members and downstream effectors in angiogenesis. In addition, perturbations in PI3K signalling have been associated with aberrant vascular growth including tumour angiogenesis and vascular malformations. Together this highlights that endothelial cells are uniquely sensitive to fluctuations in PI3K signalling. Here, we aim to update the current view on this important signalling cue in physiological and pathological blood vessel growth.

Host: Holger Gerhardt

Everyone is welcome to attend!


13 December 2019

9:30 am



MDC Berlin-Mitte (BIMSB)

Large Conference Room

Hannoversche Str. 28

10115 Berlin