Superb supervision – Mentoring your PhD candidate towards Research Integrity (in Englisch)

At the end of this course the participants can:

  • provide a safe working environment for PhD-students where there is room for their proper opinions and critical thinking
  • teach PhD-students the importance of Research Integrity and how they can perform research in an responsible manner 
  • apply essential skills (listening, giving feedback, coaching, managing expectations,…) for supervision of PhD-students.

Programme will cover:

  • Ethics in Science 
  • Creating a safe work environment 
  • Tools for transparency 
  • Managing expectations
  • Giving feedback
  • How to Coach


Late Post Docs, PIs, Group leaders


  • Tamarinde Haven (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Louise Mennen (Mennen Consulting)

If you are interested in participating please write an email to: