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Electronic Lab Notebook (eLN)

For hundreds of years, scientists have been documented observations, research processes and experiments in paper laboratory notebooks. Meanwhile, digital documentation systems have been developed. In recent years, "Electronic Laboratory Notebooks" (ELN) have been widly adopted by scientists in the industry. Researchers at universities, however, often seem to stick to their traditional paper laboratory notebooks, although a wide varity of ELNs specially adapted to experimental research have been on the market. 

We offer an eLN for interested BIH researchers from the Charité and perspectively the MDC. The eLN meets the criteria of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), respective DIN EN ISO regulations as well as 21CFR11 of the FDA.

Further Information

If you are in search for an ELN that suits your need and expectations see the ELN-Guide of the Zentralbibliothek Medizin (in German).

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Dipl.-Ing. Ingo Przesdzing

ELN-Programme leader

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