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We may synthesise the discussion and lessons learned through a paper or by posting materials on the German Reproducibility Network website in the months following the event. Here are a few examples of outputs that share lessons learned from past virtual brainstorming events:

Some of the specific topics that we will discuss include:

  1. What resources and strategies have you used to start initiatives focusing on reproducibility or open science?
  2. What techniques and creative solutions have you tried to grow and sustain your initiative? What worked, and what didn’t work?
  3. What are challenges or obstacles that your initiative has faced? How did you overcome these obstacles?
  4. How can we engage initiative participants, while building connections with those who aren’t involved yet?
  5. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting an initiative? What do you wish you’d known, when you first became involved?

The format

A virtual brainstorming event (described in more detail here and here) is an asynchronous unconference-style group event where participants use an online chat platform (e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams) to engage in discussions and share their experiences with others over several days. The session will be accompanied by virtual face-to-face "coffee chats" and "live" Open Space discussions to allow participants to get to know each other, share experiences, and discuss the pre-defined brainstorming questions or explore topics that emerge during the brainstorming.

The dates

November 22, 09:00 Uhr - November 23, ca. 19:00 Uhr 

November 21 – Virtual networking event (optional): There will be two virtual networking events (1 hour) for participants to get to know one another and talk in small groups. Participants can join either session. The brief introduction to the event will be recorded so that those who can’t attend can view the recording later.

November 22-23 - Virtual brainstorming session: Participants do not need to be active and online the entire time. The goal is for participants to check the online discussion approximately 3-6 times during the two-day period to read what others have written and respond, discuss, or share your own ideas. You can also organise or participate in "live" discussions with others using the virtual open space.

Panel session: A live panel discussion will be held during the event, on the same topic as the virtual brainstorming event - "how to build, grow, and sustain reproducibility or open science initiatives". Panelists are representatives of the German Reproducibility Network and actively involved in initiatives that focus on open science, open code, guidelines and research practices, as well as quality management. Find more information about the session here or directly register via this link.

The organisation team

Dr. Tracey Weissgerber - ScreenIT, BIH QUEST Center @ Charité Berlin, GRN steering group

Dr. Verena Heise - Freelance Open Science Researcher, GRN steering group

Dr. Friederike E. KohrsSPOKES, BIH-QUEST Center @ Charité Berlin

GRN Community Event – Code of Conduct

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The registration will close when 100 participants have registered, or on November 18. 

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Dr. Friederike Kohrs

Research fellow

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