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Berlin is and has been home to many great female researchers and university professors. With the highest percentage of women in science and research in Germany today, Berlin is often called the Hauptstadt der Wissenschaftlerinnen, or Capital of Women in Science. Yet female scientists receive less public recognition than their male counterparts, and their past and current accomplishments are rarely given the visibility they deserve. A joint project of the Berlin Institute of Health at Charité (BIH) and the Berlin Senate Chancellery aims to change that by writing Wikipedia articles about Berlin’s female scientists together with interested members of the public.

In three workshops for different target groups – so-called edit-a-thons – volunteers will learn from experienced Wikipedians how to write and edit articles on Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia. There is great interest in the project, and many volunteers from a variety of backgrounds have already gotten involved. During the first workshop in July and August, participants wrote 14 new articles about Berlin’s female scientists and improved and updated numerous others. People can now learn more about Hürrem Tezcan-Güntekin or Theda Borde, both Berlin professors, and many other women who have been active in Berlin’s research landscape.

The next workshop will be held as a face-to-face event from August 25–27 in Berlin-Mitte and is specifically aimed at senior citizens. The 60-plus age group often has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which they are keen to share with others online. The BIH-Edit-a-thon gives them the necessary tools to do this, and they will continue to reap benefits from their new skills long after the workshop is over. Interested senior citizens can sign up for the workshop until August 20 on the project’s website: https://www.bihealth.org/de/hdw. Participation is free and requires no prior knowledge.   

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