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Prof. Dr. Roland Eils

Gründungsdirektor des BIH-Zentrums Digitale Gesundheit

Contact information
Address:Kapelle-Ufer 2
10117 Berlin

Phone:+49 30 450 543 084

Roland Eils is also heading the Hub for Innovations in Digital Health, HiDiH, a joint collaboration of his BIH unit and the Health Data Science Unit at the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University. In addition, Roland Eils is an active member of the Medical Informatics Initiative, where he has founded and coordinated HiGHmed. HiGHmed brings together 10 university medical centers for developing interoperable solutions and infrastructures for processing and sharing of clinical and translational research data.

Artificial Intelligence - ailslab

Roland Eils has assembled a small but highly innovative team of students and scientists venturing into different aspects of digital health. The ailslab focusses on innovative methods from the wider field of artificial intelligence for pioneering digital health applications. At the heart of this lab is the integration of huge and deep datasets from both healthcare and research for tackling pressing issues in health and disease. The ambition is to deepen our understanding of disease mechanisms and to improve diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cancer patients among others. Current projects focus on cardiovascular risk modellingomni-genetic phenotype models, and building computational frameworks with model-to-data approaches for opening medical data for research purposes. Please visit https://www.hidih.org/research/ailslab for further details. 

Selected Publications

Computational Oncology

Naveed Ishaque recently started his own research group in the BIH unit of Roland Eils with research focus on applying computational approaches to understanding the basis of molecular biological heterogeneity in -omics data of human disease. They employ artificial intelligence and data science methods, not only to address the underlying causes of this heterogeneity, but also the interactions between different molecular -omics layers. The team has a strong specialization in the application area of oncology, but is also very interested in immunology and neurodegenerative diseases

A better understanding of global and local patterns in biological data allows for better differentiation of the mechanistics behind biological and molecular processes from technical noise. As such, the team establishes close ties with experimental collaborators who are able to provide large-scale and high-dimensional datasets profiled using state-of-the-art and exotic profiling techniques, including recent technological advances that are able to resolve single cell, spatial, temporal and genetic heterogeneity.

Please visit https://www.hidih.org/research/computational-oncology for further details on ongoing projects in cancer multiomics and precision oncology, Immunology and allergies, or spatially resolved transcriptomics.

Selected Publications Naveed Ishaque, Computational Oncology

Health Data

Health Data

The Heath Data team focusses on processes in medical informatics and bioinformatics. The team works on the automatization of computational workflows in biomedical research, provides data managing tools and infrastructures that support the fast transfer of new research results into healthcare. A fundamental challenge of a digital healthcare environment is the growing amount of sensitive patient data, e.g., created by smart wearables or whole genome sequencing data. Handling and processing of such huge data sets in daily routine diagnostics requires new infrastructures and IT solutions. Therefore, the team is also working on large-scale IT and cloud solutions, in particular the de.NBI cloud. The Health Data team is located in both Berlin and Heidelberg. Please visit https://www.hidih.org/research/health-data for further information.

Selected Publications Health Data

Research group Eils - Team
Group Leader Project Management Dr. Friedrich, Alexandra alexandra.friedrich@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543106
Personal Assistance Prof. Eils / Team Assistance Hartung, Wiebke wiebke.hartung@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543088
Project Manager Dr. Canitz, Carsten carsten-joerg.canitz@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450581070
Project Manager Müller, Franziska franziska.mueller@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543085
Project Manager Dr. Schubert, Vivien vivien.schubert@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543144
Project Manager Dr. Schütz, Tatjana tatjana.schuetz@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543151
Project Manager Seidemann, Britta britta.seidemann@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543131
Project Manager Wächter, Sarah sarah.waechter@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543139
Project Manager Dr. Zeilinger, Katrin katrin.zeilinger@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Artificial Intelligence
Founding Director Center for Digital Health Prof. Dr. Eils, Roland roland.eils@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543084
Team Member Bodur, Leylanur leylanur.bodur@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Team Member Upmeier zu Belzen, Julius Valten julius.upmeier@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543119
Team Member Wolf, Benedict benedict.wolf@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Research Assistant Prof. Dr. Müller-Riemenschneider, Falk falk.mueller-riemenschneider@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Research Assistant Wild, Benjamin benjamin.wild@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
PhD Student Rheude, Tillmann tillmann.rheude@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Abou Ghaloun, Sedra sedra.abou-ghaloun@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Arnoldt, Lucas lucas.arnoldt@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Do, Minh Duc minh-duc.do@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Eckhoff, Leonard   Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Herrmann, Luis Manuel luis.herrmann@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Kittner, Paul paul.kittner@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Köhler, Kristin kristin.koehler@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Nguyen, Khue Minh khue.nguyen@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Health Data
Group Leader Health Data        
Group Leader Cloud & IT Wagener, Harald harald.wagener@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543087
Cloud Developer Braun, Martin martin.braun@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543107
IT Mathis, Jakob jakob.mathis@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
IT Schneider, Stefan stefan.schneider@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543111
Group Leader Data Management Dr. Twardziok, Sven sven.twardziok@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Data Manager Dr. Jentsch, Marcel marcel.jentsch@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543105
Bioinformatician Dr. Schneider-Lunitz, Valentin valentin.schneider-lunitz@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543137
Software Developer Strubel, Philipp philipp.strubel@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543095
Data Manager Taron, Ulrike ulrike-helene.taron@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543135
Group Leader Medicine Informatics (MI) Dr. Meyer zum Büschenfelde, Dirk dirk.meyer-zum-bueschenfelde@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543145
Systemadministrator Cloud Ten, Foo Wei foo-wei.ten@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Research Assistant Kohler, Severin severin.kohler@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543103
Research Assistant Meixner, Maximilian maximilian.meixner@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
System Integration Trainee Boshof, Max Jonas max-jonas.boshof@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
System Integration Trainee Runde, Alma Philine Karolin alma.runde@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Computational Oncology
Group Leader Computational Oncologie Ishaque, Naveed, PhD naveed.ishaque@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543096
Research Assistant Denkena, Johanna johanna.denkena@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543116
Postdoc Mackowiak, Sebastian, Dr. sebastian.Mackowiak@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543090
PhD Student Han, Runbing runbing.han@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
PhD Student Malt, Alexander alexander.malt@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543125
PhD Student Müller-Bötticher, Niklas niklas.mueller-boetticher@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543136
PhD Student Jiang, Yiheng   Kapelle-Ufer 2  
PhD Student Sahay, Shashwat shashwat.sahay@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543118
PhD Student Tiesmeyer, Sebastian sebastian.tiesmeyer@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543117
Student Assistant Orteba, Jakub   Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Medical Omics
Group Leader Medical Omics Dr. Lukassen, Sören soeren.lukassen@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543102
Research Assistant Jabareen, Nabil nabil.jabareen@bih-charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543134
Research Assistant Yuan, Dongsheng dongsheng.yuan@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2 030450543134
PhD Student Liu, Ding Ming dingming.liu@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2  
Student Assistant Kühn, Chantal marie-chantal.kuehn@charite.de Kapelle-Ufer 2