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Potente and his colleagues therefore hope to understand how the organ-specific environment affects blood vessels – particularly the endothelium. In order to discover the molecular and cellular mechanisms behind these differences, Potente was awarded a €2 million ERC Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council in 2017. It was also at this time that he came to Berlin regularly as a BIH Visiting Professor. The Stiftung Charité has promoted this collaboration, which has been fundamental for the appointment, in the course of tis Private Ecellence Initiative Johanna Quandt. He was invited by BIH Professor Holger Gerhardt, who heads the Integrative Vascular Biology Lab at the MDC and is also spokesperson for the Translational Vascular Biomedicine focus area at the BIH.

Selected Publications

Neto F, Klaus-Bergmann A, Ong YT, Alt S, Vion AC, Szymborska A, Carvalho JR,Hollfinger I, Bartels-Klein E, Franco, CA , Potente M, Gerhardt H (2018). YAP andTAZ regulate adherens junction dynamics and endothelial cell distribution duringvascular development. ELIFE 7: e31037.

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Phng LK, Potente M, Leslie JD, Babbage J, Nyqvist D, Lobov I, Ondr JK, Rao S,Lang RA, Thurston G, Gerhardt H (2009). Nrarp coordinates endothelial Notch andWnt signaling to control vessel density in angiogenesis. DEVELOPMENTAL CELL16: 70-82.

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Potente M, Urbich C, Sasaki K, Hofmann WK, Heeschen C, Aicher A, Kollipara R,DePinho RA, Zeiher AM, Dimmeler S (2005). Involvement of Foxo transcriptionfactors in angiogenesis and postnatal neovascularization. JOURNAL OF CLINICALINVESTIGATION 115: 2382-92.

Fisslthaler B, Popp R, Kiss L, Potente M, Harder DR, Fleming I, Busse R (1999). Cytochrome P450 2C is an EDHF synthase in coronary arteries. NATURE 401: 493-7.

Prof. Dr. Michael Potente

BIH Professor for Translational Vascular Biomedicine