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  • Digital Medicine

    Computational Medicine

    Claudia Langenberg

    Common metabolic disorders such as obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes have both environmental and genetic causes. We now know that many sections of the genome influence the risk of weight gain or adverse fat distribution, in addition to the important roles played by lack of physical activity and excessive intake of high-calorie foods.…

  • Digital Medicine

    Digital Health

    Roland Eils

    Roland Eils' department at BIH consists of four working groups: Artificial Intelligence (Roland Eils), Computational Oncology (Naveed Ishaque), Health Data (Harald Wagener, Sven Twardziok, Dirk Meyer zum Büschenfelde) and Medical Omics (Sören Lukassen). The department is part of the BIH Center of Digital Health; Roland Eils is the chair and…

  • EpigeneticsPneumology

    Molecular Epidemiology

    Irina Lehmann

    Research of Molecular Epidemiology Unit at the Berlin Institute of Health and the Charité is focused on epigenetic modifications that occur in close interaction between the individual genetic background and environmental exposure and potentially contribute to increased disease risks. Thereby, we are in particular interested to identify key events…

  • Genetics/GenomicsOncology

    Intelligent Imaging

    Christian Conrad

    Genetic sequencing, an essential method in life science, is mainly driven by fluorescence imaging. In the advent of spatial imaging and in situ sequencing directly on cells and human tissues, we aim to apply latest deep learning and microscopic automation for translational medicine and molecular pathology. This includes fast optical imaging, single…

  • Genetics/GenomicsDigital Medicine

    Medical Omics

    Sören Lukassen

    The Medical Omics lab aims to improve healthcare and basic research by providing artificial intelligence-driven tools for the analysis of large biomedical datasets. For comprehensive insights in disease entities, we aim to include multiple layers of data, such as single-cell RNA sequencing, methylomics data and medical imaging. In close…