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Hands‐on Course on Quantiative Metabolomics

Dr Stefan Kempa, MDC (stefan.kempa@mdc-berlin.de)

Within this course the basic principles of metabolomics will be discussed. The participants will learn how to use gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC‐MS) for metabolomics measurements. In frame of the course the theoretical background of GC‐MS will be explained and finally own samples will be analyzed. The participants will receive an introduction into the user friendly in house software ‘Maui‐SILVIA’ for data analysis and
will analyze the data themselves. The results of the measurements will be discussed.


Wednesday 28 October 2015, 15:00‐16:00 (initial meeting)

Monday 02 November 2015, 09:00‐17:30
Tuesday 03 November 2015, 09:00‐17:30
Thursday 05 November 2015, 09:00‐17:30
Friday 06 November 2015, 09:00‐17:30


Seminar room, BIH Omics Facility (Haus 63), Campus Buch


BIH PhD students and BIH Dr. med. / Dr. med. dent. Promotionsstipendiaten that aim to use metabolomics in their project.

This workshop is limited to eight participants.