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The BIH Research Platform Multiscale Omics invites all members to apply for funding for collaborative and innovative projects that use Omics technologies to move translational research closer to generating patient benefit. Members are encouraged to establish new collaborations to explore clinically relevant questions, e.g., in a pilot cohort or a preclinical model. Funded projects should aim to give the BIH community a head start in the clinically relevant and innovative application of Omics technologies.

The deadline for project application is on 28 February 2020.


All members of the Multiscale Omics platform are eligible to apply for funding as primary submitters. All BIH/Charité/MDC scientists who dispose of independent research funding as well as participants of the BIH/Charité (Digital) Clinician Scientist Program can apply for membership here.

Scope and duration of funding

In 2020, a budget of up to € 280,000 will be available. Proposals are expected to require funds in the range of € 20,000 – 40,000 per project and the respective budget has to be spent until the end of 2020. Applications with small budgets will be prioritized to receive funding. In exceptional cases, projects can be funded with up to € 100,000.

Project requirements

All project proposals have to demonstrate their relevance for the Multiscale Omics platform mission and their support for its long-term development.

Applications establishing new cooperations (e.g., between platform members, across institutions or disciplines or joint teams of junior & senior groups or basic scientists and clinicians) are highly encouraged.

Essential evaluation criteria include:

  • fit with the objectives of the platform
  • transformative and translational potential of the project
  • scientific quality and originality
  • adequate project plan (sample quality, experimental design, statistics, data analysis and management) and budget
  • consent of involved BIH Core Facilities and further BIH technology providers

Preference will be given to projects that meet the following criteria:

  • creation of new scientific resources (data, reagents, methods) or Core Facility capabilities for the BIH community
  • creation of new collaborations across the BIH/Charité/MDC community
  • connection to a BIH Focus Area
  • analysis of human samples or humanized models
  • preparation of third-party funded research proposals
  • adherence to open data standards

Selection procedure

Projects will be selected in a single-stage evaluation by a decision board composed of at least five impartial representatives from the BIH Research Platform and Focus Area steering committees. All steering committee members of the Multiscale Omics Platform who do not submit a proposal are included in the board and are additionally joined by at least three steering committee members of other Platforms or Focus Areas.

Applications need to be submitted via the online application portal using the project application form.

Dates and deadlines

Deadline to submit project proposal:
28 February 2020 at 3 pm.


Rukeia El-Athman
Tel. +49 30 450 543 314


Applications need to be submitted via the online application portal.

In case of technical problems with the portal, please send an e-mail to: portal@bihealth.de