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The lecture is part of the Elena-Timofeeff-Ressovsky lecture series at the MDC. It will be held by Professor Dr. Cornelia M. Weyand (Immunology and Rheumatology, Stanford University).

The lecturer

Cornelia Weyand, M.D., Ph.D. is the Chief of the Division of Immunology and Rheumatology at Stanford University School of Medicine. Before that, she directed the Clinical Immunology and Immunotherapeutics Program in the Department of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and held the David C. Lowance Chair in Medicine at Emory University. Cornelia Weyand's main research interests are the pathogenic immune mechanisms in autoimmunity and chronic inflammatory disease including the immune-stromal interactions that shape tissue inflammation. In recent years her laboratory has studied the impact of immune aging on protective and damaging immune responses and has identified deficiencies in the molecular machinery of telomere protection, DNA damage sensing and DNA repair as elements in premature immune aging. Her team has defined tissue-injurious immune effector mechanisms in vascular inflammation with emphasis on vasculitis and atherosclerosis (for more information see attached poster or  Cornelia Weyand's homepage.

About the Elena-Timofeeff-Ressovsky lecture series

This lecture series is organized by the Women’s Staff Representative. In this series, excellent female scientists present their research. Following the scientific presentation we invite interested young scientists to stay and discuss with Connie her view on issues related to career development, reconciliation of work and family, etc.  With this event, especially the young female scientists shall obtain valuable suggestions based on these role models and shall be encouraged to pursue their own academic career.

Date and time

Wednesday, 6 July 2016
3.00 pm


MDC.C, Axon 2
Robert-Rössle-Str. 10
13125 Berlin