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Translational projects heavily depend on proper clinical data that ultimately show safety. At a certain stage of the translational path it becomes important to start attracting investment and interest of potential partners. Both investors and partners are interested to learn more about the underlying accumulated data and milestones that have been achieved during the development so far. They also need to identify strengths and weaknesses of the project so that they can make a good risk assessment and evaluate their stakes when investing. The due diligence process serves to find the appropriate background information and evaluate the decision to cooperate or invest. Investors have an eye for opportunities and standard processes for how to assess opportunities and run due diligence. Also, the valuation of an early academic start-up or biotech company relies on this due diligence process. Important decisions will be made and it is important to understand the mindset and criteria to be able to speak the same language and manage expectations, especially on the start-up side.

In this forum, Tobias Faupel, Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and Dr. Karin Kleinhans, Investment Manager at Life Science Partners (LSP) will share their extensive experience in the field of life science and biotech start-ups. Tobias Faupel will give his perspectives on the due diligence process after having seen hundreds of start-ups over the past years with the High-Tech Gründerfonds, an investment fund specialized in Germany-based start-ups. Karin Kleinhans will talk about the valuation process highlighting pitfalls and several topics of interest for both investors and founders. Karin will also give us insight into the evaluation work at LSP, one of Europe’s oldest and largest Biotech investors, preparing start-ups to pitch for the big bucks.

We look forward to an interactive evening, encourage networking after the talks with the speakers, and wish for lively discussions over wine and cheese.

Programs at SPARK Berlin are supported by Berlin Institute of Health and Stiftung Charité.



26 March 2019
5:00 -  7:00 pm


Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus
Robert-Koch-Platz 7
(ground floor)

If you need help regarding barrier-free access or have any questions regarding the accessibility of the venue, please contact us in advance.