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Academic entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that they wish to develop into inventions, need to move their projects out of academia at some point. In order to do this, they need to develop their product to a certain stage of maturity and will need to work with many different stakeholders, such as industry partners, investors, innovation managers and others. In this forum, we will focus on funding and partnering as a key activity for academic entrepreneurs.

The ins and outs of finding appropriate funding and partners beyond classical academic grants on the one side or investment obeying harsh market logic on the other, is a challenge and requires that academic entrepreneurs find what works best for them and their company and its products.

Christian Tidona from BioMedXX, Heidelberg will tell us about his concept for connecting great people to work on relevant problems. Christian holds a scientific degree and is now active as an innovation manager and the CEO of BiomedX.

Sonja Jost from DexLeChem, a Berlin-based startup will give us an insight into her own company and also highlight EU funding opportunities for small and medium sized companies. Sonja is a courageous entrepreneur who has successfully moved her scientific idea into the market and has gathered experience, which we are excited that she will share with us.


21 May 2019
5:00 -  8:00 pm


Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus
Robert-Koch-Platz 7
Galerieraum (ground floor)

If you need help regarding barrier-free access or have any questions regarding the accessibility of the venue, please contact us in advance: spark@charite.de (030-450 543 057)

Child Care Service

We offer child care during the event. Should this be of interest to you please let us know at least 14 days in advance of the event by sending an email to: equal.opportunity@bihealth.de