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The replication crisis sparks intense debate. Aiming to ensure quality in research, many initiatives have been launched, the CoARA process being one of the most recent. However, it is the concept of quality itself that comes under scrutiny: Is it expert opinions that ensure quality in research, or adhering to certain standards?

Initiated by the Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research, a panel of experts from different fields recently discussed what quality in research entails and what can be done to promote it. Read on what was discussed by Anna Dreber (Economics), Gordon Guyatt (Health Research), Lena Hipp (Sociology), Christoph Markschies (Theology) and Susanne Schreiber (Computational Neuroscience): https://www.einsteinfoundation.de/en/award/events/what-is-research-quality-disciplinary-dimensions-and-perspectives/summary/