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The Genomics Technology Platform provides support to researchers from the Max Delbrück Center and BIH/Charité and is committed to implement key sequencing technologies and to establish state-of-the-art service pipelines.

We operate Illumina, Oxford Nanopore and PacBio platforms and offer standard as well as customized library preparation workflows to our users.

Single-cell multi-omics and spatial biology technologies are a major focus of our work. Our integrated FACS unit enables us to select and isolate cells on site. A broad range of state-of-the-art single-cell applications are available for downstream analyses.

We constantly implement novel techniques in collaborative research projects and are closely working with clinical researchers to translate these technologies into systems medicine. By providing a multi-omics view on the pathophysiology of patient or model system samples, we support clinical scientists to delineate the underlying mechanisms of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular events, or neurological disorders.


Dr. Janine Altmüller

Leiterin Genomics

Telefon:+49 30 9406 1434