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Haben Sie schon einmal von P-Hacking, Harking oder Publication Bias gehört? Möchten Sie wissen, wie Sie Ihre präklinische Forschung mit einfachen Anpassungen verbessern können?

Bitte beachten Sie, dass das SPARK Webinar in englischer Sprache stattfindet.

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Have You Heard About P-Hacking, Harking or Publication Bias? Do You Want to Know How to Improve Your Pre-Clinical Research With Simple Adjustments?

In this webinar, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl, will talk about the reproducibility crisis plaguing academic research and how to improve the predictiveness of your preclinical translational research by promoting the introduction of quality standards for experimental design, reporting of in vivo experiments and the necessity to publish NULL-Results. He will teach you to improve your research practice and to obtain evidence for the impact of targeted interventions.

About the Speaker

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl is the Director of the Department of Experimental Neurology at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and focused on stroke, cerebral blood flow regulation, and brain imaging utilizing pre-clinical models and clinical trials. Since 2017 he is also the founding director of the QUEST Center for Transforming Biomedical Research at the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) at Charité. He is also the co-founder of SPARK-BIH.

QUEST (Quality-Ethics - open Science - Translation) aims at overcoming the roadblocks in translational medicine by increasing the value and impact of biomedical research through maximizing the quality, reproducibility, generalizability, and validity of research.

SPARK Europe Webinar Series

The webinar series is organized by the different SPARK sites all over Europe including Israel: SPARK-BIH, SPARK Finland, SPARK FLI, SPARK Poland and SPARK Tel Aviv.

The series covers topics from design thinking to challenges in selling complex high-tech products from top-quality speakers around Europe and the US.

The online lectures take place two times per month on Wednesday at 4-5 pm CET, and are open to all interested people from SPARK associated organizations.

This webinar will be hosted by SPARK FLI.

About SPARK-BIH and SPARK Europe

SPARK is an initiative created at Stanford University, to overcome challenges associated with translation of academic discoveries.

SPARK-BIH is located in Berlin and supports academic inventors with tailored education, mentorship and funding. The purpose of the program is to de-risk projects with high potential impact and accelerate the translation of academic inventions into outstanding medical products including drugs, diagnostics and medical devices. Spark-BIH

SPARK Europe is the joint network of SPARK sites all over Europe plus Israel: SPARK-BIH, SPARK Finland, SPARK FLI, SPARK Poland and SPARK Tel Aviv. It aims to fulfill SPARK’s mission of improving human health by uniting academics and industry experts around the globe to generate an efficient, effective and exciting pathway for the translation of academic discoveries and innovative solutions through education and project support.


Who and what?

Prof. Ulrich Dirnagl
“Reproducibility Crisis, Or: Why Most Published Research Findings Are False”


Wednesday, 2 June 2021
4 - 5 pm (CET)


via Zoom
Please note that you will receive the Zoom link and access code the evening before the lecture at the latest.


Please register here!

Registration to the webinar is required in advance. Please register no later than 1 June 2021. There are limited number of places available and they are filled in in the order of registration.