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The workshop offers participants the opportunity to recognize how their behavior/communication is perceived by others. Constructive feedback from the trainer and group members provides the speaker with a good amount of information as she practices new ideas,

creative methods, and techniques to improve the quality of her speech and define what is effective feedback.

Throughout the two-day workshop, the participants will be guided through interactive exercises to improve non-verbal communication, enhance listening skills and generous feedback, as well as focusing techniques that will empower the speaker. Attention will also be given to structural and

linguistic aspects to improve the clarity and fluency of the talk, with the opportunity to practice giving and asking for feedback effectively using different methods.

Please note: Participants should prepare a 3 to 5 minute overview of their work for the workshop; the use of slides is optional. This will serve as a basis for applying the practical objectives of the workshop.

More Info

When? September 22/23, 2022 9 - 17 h 

Where? Digital Labs, An Zirkus/Bertolt Brecht Platz 3, 10117 Berlin

Who? Early- and mid-career women scientists, max. 12 participants

Registration?  Prease register via email to equal.opportunity@bih-charite.de

About the Trainer

Guido Molina is a dynamic trainer of communication and presentation techniques. He is a professional actor and director as well as a theatre pedagogue (BuT). More than 25 years of experience as a theater, film, and television actor make him an expert in physical theater, voice, and breathing. He developed his acting career in Colombia, where he was born, and there he grew his passion for pedagogy not only at the academic level but also in recognized social and cultural projects. His theatrical tools help him to generate an empathic communication with the participants of his workshops and in a didactic and participative way, he creates individual processes that help them to build self-confidence, fluency in verbal and non-verbal communication as well as their own style of presentation.