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Welcome to Detect & Dispatch, a new program built to support you in your journey to develop or contribute to innovative ideas.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to help all members within the Charite/BIH community regardless of their position, to create and bring forward ideas that generate impact and increase patient benefit. From ideation and intellectual property management, to product validation and value creation, we are here for you!

Reach out if you

  • have an idea, even if it is still “work-in-progress”
  • want to create an idea with impact in healthcare
  • want to explore the translational potential of your work
  • want to find the ideal medical indication for a technology you have developed
  • want to share a medical need that if solved can improve health care
  • are generally interested in medical innovation and want to expand your network

Our offers

  • 1. Idea Office

    Book a 15 min consultation with our team to ask questions related to your path to translation; from invention disclosure and patents to mentoring.

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  • 2. Workshops and lectures

    Are you curious about finding out what your strengths and weaknesses are? Do you want to know how you fit best in a team? Register now to our upcoming workshop on 15.11.2023 with an experienced busine

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Who we are

We are a group of innovation enthusiast within Charité BIH Innovation (CBI) next to the BIH Digital Health Accelerator, the SPARK-BIH program and the Patents and Licensing team. The expertise in our team ranges from basic science research to product design. Detect & Dispatch activities are inspired by the program Inventors for Health (I4H), and are guided by Dr. Tanja Rosenmund. We are supported by an external network of international experts and are funded by the Stiftung Charité.

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Dr. Tanja Rosenmund


Telefon:+49 30 450 543 056