Sex and gender Differences in Covid-19

During the current Covid-19 pandemic there is an urgent need to better understand sex/gender differences in predictors, trajectories and impacts of Covid-19 prevention and treatment. Data from different countries, who present sex disaggregated numbers, show, that men and women are affected in different ways by the pandemic. It is still unclear, if women or men are more likely to be infected but from those countries, that present sex disaggregated data, we know that men are dying more often and develop more severe symptoms. Women on the other hand are much more affected by the huge burden of care work during the pandemic, represent a larger proportion of healthcare professionals and are more likely to become victims of domestic violence. 

April 2020

Virtual Brainstorming on sex and gender differences in Covid-19

In April a group of BIH and Charité researchers organized a virtual brainstorming with local and international scientists about sex and gender differences in Covid-19. Dr. Tracey Weissgerber from the BIH Quest Center introduced this inclusive and collaborative online format to the group and facilitated the virtual brainstorming. During 48 hours, 30 participants from around the world discussed aspects of gender specific differences in prevention and treatment as well as the importance of gender specific data collection during the Covid-19 pandemic. One important point all participants agreed on is, that we need data that include sex/gender and other dimensions to better understand sex and gender specific differences in Covid-19. Ongoing meta-research shows that many Covid-19 preprints do not report sex and gender. Participants in the virtual brainstorming day are working together to improve reporting

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