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Our scientific collaboration is designed to provide flexible, efficient, project specific metabolic analyses and data interpretation. Our primary goal is a high scientific standard producing robust metabolomics data.

  • Validated untargeted LC-MS
  • Validated targeted LC-MS:
    • SCFA analysis (quantitative)
    • Tryptophan analysis (quantitative)
    • Various Biocrates analyses (quantitative and semi-quantitative)
  • Untargeted GC-MS
  • Targeted GC-MS
    • Central carbon metabolites
    • Free fatty acids (quantitative)
    • Breath analysis
  • Metabolic imaging using DESI, LESA or REIMS (complementary to MALDI imaging)
  • MagPix (quantitative multiplexing)

Pre-project consultations are highly encouraged and FREE to ensure our experimental design is optimal both for your scientific question, and for the metabolomics data.

Magpix is offered on a fee-for-service basis. We are still happy to offer consultation on experimental demand as required.

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