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The differentiation of hPSC into specific cell types and organoids, which are relevant for application in the translational pipeline, is one of the main aims CUSCO addresses. Application of such cells and organoids include disease modeling, drug testing or modeling regenerative processes.

We continuously expand our portfolio and monitor the available protocols to ensure that our technologies are up to date. We are happy to accommodate your with your specific needs and support the establishment of protocols for other cell and organoid types.

hPSC derived differentiated cells

CUSCO can provide limited amounts of cryopreserved differentiated cells to support e.g. prove of principle experiments. For many of the established differentiation methods we offer individual training and validated SOP like protocols.

♦ Neural stem cells
♦ Endothelial cells
♦ Neurons (by direct reprogramming via NGN2)
♦ Cardiomyocytes
♦ Hepatocytes

Our current portfolio of frozen banks of iPSC derived differentiated cells includes:

♦ Neural Stem Cells
♦ Endothelial cells


hPSC derived organoids are an important tool in creating novel disease models. Currently we have well established protocols for generation of organoids for:

♦ Brain
♦ Intestine
♦ Lung
♦ Kidney

We continue to develop organoid generation protocols. Therefore, feel free to approach us if you would like to work with an organoid system not listed above.

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